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Transmit your events, parties and much more with the new Strider Link Series
from Sinteck, the only STL with stereo demodulated outputs and additional
Cards: stereo generator, digital 15KHz low pass filter and dual band audio
The Strider Link Series is a complete system for who needs to transmit events, parties or
using as STL system. The Hi-Fi VCO present in the Strider Link guarantees an incredible
audio quality - punch and clarity. The system can be connected to 110/220V AC line or 12V
DC from a battery. XLR connectors to Left and Right audio signal, 2 MPX inputs: Baseband
and SCA, a 19kHz tone sync. Output for RDS encoders - all of these are present in the Strider
Transmitter Link. The receiver possesses a MPX Baseband output and 3 XLR connectors: 1
Mono output, 1 Left signal output (demodulated) and 1 Right signal output (demodulated).
The transmitter offers 10W adjustable power and the receiver has 2 cavity filters with high
gain RF cells.
What is the Strider Link? How about its benefits?
The Strider Link Series is a complete radio link system, transparent and without limitations.
When someone wants to transmit a party, events or any other activity outside the
radiostation, it must be implemented a link system.
Strider Link Series, developed to cover these issues. Levels of quality, also found in high cost
traditional marks devices, now it is overcome by the Strider Link from Sinteck. A perfect
transmission, without noises and good quality is possible now thanks the Strider Link.
The system has an adjustable transmitter of 10W, which the client can adjust the RF output
power from 0 up to 10W. Forwarded and reflected power, voltage in the final RF stage, total
current, contrast adjustment, channel change and other parameters are shown on the LCD
panel. The transmitter has XLR inputs (Left, Right and Mono) 1 MPX input (with multi-turn
trimmer for adjust), 1 SCA input (with multi-turn trimmer for adjust) and a 19kHz output for
RDS coders.
It is also possible according the client’s necessity, the internal connection of AddOn Cards,
that implements the equipment version: stereo generator Card, digital low pass filter Card
and audio processor dual-band Card.
The incredible RF covering of the Strider Link (85km) is possible due to the fact the receiver
has 2 cavity filters with LNA amplifier of high gain and low noise.
The receiver LCD display show RF input visualization, digital RF output level adjustment and
many other parameters can be visualized and configured. In the receiver there is a stereo
demodulator and L&R output and a MPX (BNC) output. The system can be used as link unit
to studio/transmitter (STL) and also as mobile unit of external reportage (DC 12V battery
operation) The frequency changing and other setups are made through the keys located on
the front panel, being this very simple and very quick. Such as the transmitter as the receiver
are mounted in a cabinet of 19” in 1RU (44,45mm) with 125mm deep. We introduce an
equipment with very small size and great technology.

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